Subslider.js is a simple script to fix out-of-sync subtitles in the .srt format.

Load your .srt file using the dialog below, and follow the instructions.

(Read this blog post if you're interested in why I made this page)

{{ }}

How to sync your subtitles

  1. Play your video with subtitles enabled, and skip to a dialog
  2. Take note of the exact time at which they start talking
  3. Find that dialog in the table below (use search!), and select it
  4. Change the start at field to the time at which the dialog starts (and hence, at which the subtitle should start being displayed)
  5. Press submit

id starts ends lines
{{ }} {{ subtitle.from | date:"HH:mm:ss,sss":'UTC' }} {{ | date:"HH:mm:ss,sss":'UTC' }} {{ subtitle.dialogLines }}
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